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How many high quality words should I write for my website to get the best performance in search engines?

To best answer this question we will start performing keyword research and rank analysis. We are going to dive deeply into a simple subject to get a better understanding of how to write content for SEO.

Lets take the term "How To Make A Peanut Butter and Jelly Sandwich" and search for it on Google. In this particular case, WikiHow ranks page one, slot one in the Google search engine for the specific term mentioned above.

How many words did they use to accomplish this feat? They wrote more than 1,250 words to describe the "whats", the "hows", the "withs", and the "tips" to describe their content!

How many times did they use the word "Peanut"? Over 30 times! But, as an SEO, I can tell you that focusing on keyword density is not the best way to write content because it provides very little value to the reader. It is important to strategize keyword usage in terms of how many different ways you can say a phrase. As an illustration, a Google searcher might query the terms "red website", "a website that's red", "red website colors", "best red websites", etc.

So what did the Wiki Author do to beat out competing content in the SERPS?

I will break it down for you below:
  • 1 The writer gave a brief introduction about the overall topic of the page
  • 2 They then provided information about the components necessary
  • 3 Information was then given about different varieties of components that could be used
  • 4 Advice was given to suggest the best methods of preperation
  • 5 And then thewordsuctions were provided on how to apply the components necessary
  • 6 To finish it off, the person (people) who wrote the "how to" article provided additional ideas for creativity

To write content that performs best in Google and Bing, it is important to wisely target specific keyword phrases using exatch match sentences. To answer how many words should be written for good SEO, the only way to tell is by the research. For example, if you want to write about "engine teardowns", then your content should contain at least a paragraph for every component to be removed. Below you can find the ultimate SEO content writing checklist:

  • Write Title Tag To Contain 50-60 characters
  • Write Meta Description Tag To Contain Up To 160 Characters
  • Write The H1 Tag To Contain The Pages Most Important Keyword Phrase and Content
  • Focus On Relevancy Signals (fruit = apples, grapes, tomatoes, etc)
  • Never Duplicate Title Tags, Meta Tags, or Page Content
  • Write As Much As You Can Without Boring The User
  • Make Your Content Unique, Informative, and User Friendly